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Specifically designed for Charleston

The Heritage Pool™ is the only pool that has been specifically designed for Charleston's frequent ground tremors, high water table issues and unstable soils. The Heritage Pool™ uses the most technologically advanced I-Beam Brace along with structural resin walls that provide generations of carefree pool ownership.The I-Beam Brace is recognized as the strongest wall and deck support system in the industry. Heritage Pools, LLC is the only factory authorized company in the greater Charleston area using this patented technology giving us the leading edge on innovative design!

Built to Last

Designed to stand up to mother nature

There are tons of “live load” weight from the pool deck and surrounding soils, which constantly press down and inward on any pool walls. We knew there was a better way to distribute this weight, so we took the load off the walls and placed it onto the rock solid broad shoulders of a series of concrete filled I-Beam Braces.


Absolutely no weight rests on the pool walls of a Heritage Pool™ I-Beam Brace system. The “live load” is evenly distributed over the entire support system from the braces down to the concrete footing as in bridge construction.


These I-Beam Braces surround the perimeter of the pool and the natural voids caused by settling beneath your steps. This patented I-Beam Brace system supports your decking from settling and shifting like no other support in the entire industry. The I-Beam Brace has been called the “strongest” brace ever made from the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals).


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Exclusive highlights of the Heritage Pool™ structure

Our Process

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The Heritage Pool™ from start to finish


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Feel confident your investment is protected

The Heritage Pool™ is a locally distributed pool with the best warranties in the industry. Tens of thousands of Pacific Pools have been designed, engineered, manufactured and field-tested for strength, durability and reliability. They all come with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Structural Resin Wall Panels and Braces carry a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty. Pacific Steps & Braces carry a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty. Pacific Liners carry a 5-year, non-prorated, plus 15-year prorated, transferable warranty.

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The Heritage Difference

Other Pools Can't Handle the Live Load

Before purchasing your swimming pool, you need to know the facts about pool structures. Charleston is a very unique area to install pools because of our frequent ground tremors, unstable building soils and ground water issues. With the construction of one piece pools (concrete & fiberglass pools) they rely solely on the ground they are installed in which presents major issues in Charleston. Unlike other areas in the US where the soil conditions are hard, dry, stable and not interrupted with frequent ground movements you don’t run into the high risks and problems we encounter in Charleston. We knew there was a better way to build a swimming pool and is why our innovative unique Heritage Pool™ I-Beam Brace pool has been designed to help adapt to these Charleston issues.

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A custom pool Built to last

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Customize your Heritage Pool™

Of course, what is a pool without a few accessories? We have many pool options that can amplify your backyard experience and we can add different design or entertainment levels custom and tailored to your specific wants and needs. Click on our pool options and explore the possibilities.

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