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Pool Comparison

Before purchasing any pool we recommend to review our pool comparison chart to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. Below is a table of some of the major pros and cons about each pool.



Vinyl with TRU-Tile



Structural Warranty

Lifetime + Transferable (Builder / Manufacturer backed) Lifetime + Transferable (Builder / Manufacturer backed) Lifetime + Transferable (Builder backed) Lifetime (Manufacturer backed)

Surface Warranty

(Liner) 20 year one time Transferable warranty (Liner) 20 year one time Transferable warranty (Plaster) 7-10 years (Gel Coat) 7-10 years Limited

Install time

2 weeks 2 weeks 4+ weeks 2 weeks

Pool Surface

Liner Liner / Tile Cement Gelcoat


Very durable Very durable Gunite bottom can crack
(cracked by shifting earth or extreme weather conditions)
One piece structure can float
(hurricanes, high rains, water tables)

Expected Surface Resurfacing

Every 7-10 years Every 10-12 years Every 7 years Every 7 years

Resurfacing costs Based on 18×36

$3,500 $4,000 $10,000+ $4,200

Surface Texture

Smooth Smooth Rough to touch, can scratch feet and elbows Smooth

Steps and Seating

Unlimited (soft with foam) Unlimited (soft with foam) Unlimited (rough) Limited to pre-fab (soft)

Types of coping

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


(all pools run the same amount of time when under normal maintenance)

Normal cleaning procedures
Smooth finish
Normal cleaning procedures
Smooth finish
Normal cleaning procedures
(Harder to clean due to concrete has pores that algae grows in or something through the wall)
Normal cleaning procedures
Smooth finish

Design Features

If you can dream it we can build it If you can dream it we can build it If you can dream it we can build it Very limited to pre-fab sizes and colors


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Very limited; sometimes hard to actually swim in and enjoy.

Maintenance and Usage Basic Information:

Some say electrical and pool maintenance charges are going to be different for each pool. Things to consider are most fiberglass pools are very small with limited sizes/shapes. Obviously the smaller the pool the less maintenance and electrical will be needed. Common maintenance problems with gunite pools is they do have rough pores which allow algae to grow in making scrubbing the pool a lot harder vs. scrubbing a vinyl/fiberglass wall. More scrubbing will happen with gunite pool as algae grows and the plaster gets older. Also gunite pools after a while will start to etch and cause the plaster to deteriorate making the pool cloudy and constantly clogging filters. All pools require the same balanced chemicals and weekly maintenance. They key is to regularly maintain your swimming pool on a weekly basis so it’s not a hassle.

Warranty and Replacement Basic Information:

Surface warranties are very important and should be a major consideration before buying any type of pool. Vinyl pools are going to require a liner replacement every 7 to 12 years. The cost to replace a liner is going to run about $3,500.00. The benefit to a liner replacement is the pool will have a brand new look at a cheap replacement cost. TRU-Tile is to help prevent the liner from going bad within the 12 years and give a gunite look with the ease of vinyl maintenance. A normal liner replacement for a TRU-Tile liner is going to run about $4,000.00. You do not replace the tile although it can be at an additional expense. Gunite pools need to be re-plastered every 7-10 years. This costs around $10,000.00+ depending on what type of plaster you choose and how old the pool is. When resurfacing a gunite pool it’s important to get a good job as trowel marks with pool lights will be seen. Surface problems with fiberglass pools are: you have to gel coat the pool finish. This is not an easy task and costs at least $4,200 depending on color. The sun and the acidic rain are going to fade and damage all the surfaces on every pool. The question you need to ask yourself is which is going to cost less and give a better end result?

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